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Easter came early to BBHH this year when 200 precious Easter baskets arrived on Monday, April 10th. All week long parents stopped by to pick up baskets for their children. It was easy to imagine the happiness each gift would bring on Easter Sunday.

Today we are praising God for our risen Lord and for the many volunteers who took the time to put together the special Easter gifts for the boys and girls at BBHH.
Spring 2017

A Life Saved...

Clara came to the BBHH Community Clinic for a free mammogram in 2014. The phone call she received afterwards was not what she had expected.
As she said this past week during 2nd Saturday Grocery Store, "At first, the shock of the news was overwhelming, but then I realized if I held onto the hand of God, I could make it through this. I knew I had to live because I wanted to raise my sons. I am so grateful to BBHH for praying for me, for delivering food to my family when I couldn't come to 2nd Grocery Store, and for encouraging me through surgeries and chemo."
Today Clara gives God all the glory as she proudly shows off pictures of her sons and of her hair!
Today and every day BBHH gives God all the glory for the many ways He continues to meet needs and save lives through Brother Bill's Helping Hand.
To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Hath Done
Winter 2017_________________________________________

Volunteers help end 2016 and begin 2017 in an amazing way...

As 2016 came to a close, BBHH was blessed with an abundance of volunteers willing to do whatever was necessary first to prepare for and then navigate through our annual December 24th Children's Christmas Celebration. On January 2nd another 80 volunteers helped put our building "back together".
Typically it takes three hours or more to pack up Christmas, move tables and chairs back to their original location, and restock Grocery Store shelves. On the morning of January 2nd it only took 1½ hours to complete the job!
At BBHH we praise God for the dedicated volunteers and staff who helped BBHH serve our community throughout 2016 and into 2017

January 2017


It is hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner. Fortunately for BBHH, volunteers have already started collecting, delivering, and wrapping Christmas gifts for what we expect to be one of our largest Children's Christmas Celebrations.

BBHH praises God for all the volunteers and donors who help us make Christmas so special for 1000 West Dallas children.

To support the work BBHH does in West Dallas, please mail donations to the following address:

Brother Bill's Helping Hand
P.O. Box 565846
Dallas, Texas 75356

Winter 2016


BBHH Women's Council
Touch a Life...Tend a Soul Luncheon

Only a former Navy Seal would look at the children's books in our table decorations at our annual Touch a Life...Tend a Soul luncheon and say "That is counter-terrorism." He said we are fighting terrorism through education, and he just happened to have fought it in other ways. When you think about it, Clint Bruce is absolutely right.

This year's Women's Council luncheon was wonderful. The Women's Council board did an amazing job of sharing the heart of Brother Bill's Helping Hand from start to finish.

Clint Bruce was powerful, funny, and thought-provoking. And he is right, through building community, meeting needs, lifting up women, and providing educational opportunities, BBHH truly is fighting terrorism every day. BBHH praises God for men like Clint Bruce who have protected and are continuing to protect our country, our freedom, our lives.

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Hath Done
Fall 2016


A Summer of Joy
Camp Ozark for All

This is the 6th year BBHH was blessed to send West Dallas children to Camp Ozark in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. Because of the generosity of the Camp Ozark Foundation and its many donors, this year we sent 79 children to camp. Because of the generosity of a Dallas church, our cost for transportation, Bibles, t-shirts, a $20 Camp Store fund for each child, and other incidentals was zero!

The campers returned full of wonderful stories about the new friends they met, the new activities they experienced, their amazing counselors, and the love Jesus has for each one of them. 


We praise God for others who helped "send" BBHH boys and girls to camp - from the volunteers who wrote notes of encouragement to each camper, to the man who raised money on a Go Fund Me page to pay for 90 lunches for the kids and counselors to enjoy on their way to camp, to our neighbors and recipients of the Prayer and Praise email who started praying for the campers weeks before they left. God's hands were once again all over this special program, just as His hands are all over Brother Bill's Helping Hand

June 2016



A Summer to Remember
Baylor Scott & White
Faith Community Health
Ladies from three different West Dallas churches and Carlos Lopez from Baylor Scott & White recently visited BBHH. These ladies, chosen by their pastors, will be the contact person for their fellow church members when there are health concerns or other needs within a family.
The next step for these designated "caregivers" will be to contact Carlos who will direct those who need health care, food, job training, or other resources to BBHH. We are excited about this new partnership with Baylor Scott & White, Serve West Dallas, and West Dallas churches; and we look forward to other congregations in the West Dallas community taking advantage of this Baylor Scott & White opportunity.  
To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Hath Done
Summer 2016


A Summer to Remember...

Thanks to Armstrong Elementary School students, children coming to BBHH this summer will have plenty of books to read. We are so grateful for the over 500 books these students collected for BBHH. 

This summer, in partnership with Park Cities Baptist Church, BBHH will host our first Summer Reading Club. The program will last for 6 weeks. Neighborhood children will be encouraged to not just take home and read the donated books, but to take home, read, and call each book their own. They will report back on their progress during Tuesday morning Story Time. 

In 2015 BBHH distributed over 11,000 books to children in West Dallas. The books donated by Armstrong students along with other donated books will bless the lives of many this summer and for years to come. 

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Hath Done
(Summer 2016)


April is National Volunteer Month

BBHH could not do what we do if it were not for volunteers. They help neighbors “shop” for food in our free Grocery Store. They make home deliveries of groceries to individuals who can cook, but cannot drive.

Volunteers teach English classes, Bible study groups, and job and financial training programs. They work with children and help with major events throughout the year. Weekly they pray for the personal concerns of neighbors.

Doctors volunteer in our free clinic. Medical students teach Healthy Living classes and work alongside our full-time medical staff. Volunteers enter data, sweep floors, and stock Grocery Store shelves. 

In 2015 BBHH had over 2800 unduplicated volunteers. They gave close to 23,000 hours of service to BBHH. Each one was a blessing to this ministry. 

April is National Volunteer Month. We need you to get out and serve at BBHH.

To God be the Glory...
Great Things He Hath Done

(Spring 2016)


Graduation Day at BBHH

The first Saturday in March we celebrated the graduation of the first Faith & Finance class for men and the 25th PathWays job training class for women. Over 90 people gathered to honor the accomplishments of four men and six women. We are grateful for the marvelous group of volunteers who led the classes and for the dedication these ten men and women demonstrated over the past six weeks.

Please keep our graduates in your prayers as they continue to work on handling their money in a God-inspired way and as they begin their job search.

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Hath Done...


On Presidents' Day BBHH took advantage of a school holiday and hosted 22 children at Art Camp. Volunteers spent the morning teaching students how to use their imagination to create fun 3-D art projects.

This summer BBHH hopes to provide even more opportunities for creative learning and outside activities for boys and girls. Soccer Camp, Basketball Camp, Ballet Camp, Art Camp, Summer Reading Club, and Vacation Bible School are already on our summer calendar. We praise God for volunteers who make days like these possible for children living in West Dallas.

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Hath Done...
Spring 2016


Reading Can Be Fun...

Kids Time provides a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to help build the vocabulary of children coming to BBHH. Recently a mom and her 3 children read to boys and girls while their moms were in Exercise Class. You could tell by just peeking into the room everyone was having fun listening to the story whether they understood all the words or not.

A 4-year old in West Dallas knows between 1500 and 2000 words. A 4-year old in more affluent areas knows between 5000 and 7000 words. Reading to a child is an easy way to change the life of a child simply because someone took the time to read to them. That mom and her family - they have already registered to volunteer on a regular basis. We praise God for volunteers of all ages who give of their time to help level the playing field for West Dallas children.

Donation of children's books are always appreciated.

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Has Done...

(Winter 2016)


BBHH Children's Christmas Celebration 

What an amazing day we had on December 24th. Over 2200 people celebrated the birth of Christ at BBHH that morning. Neighbors and volunteers sang Christmas carols, listened to the Christmas story, enjoyed time with Santa, and experienced the joy of giving and receiving over 5000 Christmas gifts. 

Praise God for the birth of His Son and for the opportunity we had on Thursday morning to share this special time with friends, both old and new.

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Has Done...

Winter 2015


Beautiful Home
for a Very Special Lady...

This week we are praising God for a beautiful new home for an even more beautiful Christian lady named Juilett! The city of Dallas gave her the key to her new home on Friday, and friends started moving her things in that afternoon. On Saturday friends gathered to dedicate this special home to the Lord.

For six years we have prayed for this day. Join us in continuing to praise God for the answered prayers of a new home for Juilett.

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He has Done...

Winter 2015

A Path to Change...

Fall is all about new beginnings at BBHH. PathWays brings eight ladies together for a 6-week / 120-hour time of learning more about themselves, realizing their gifts, and setting a vision for their future. This life-skills and job training class seeks to prepare them for a successful entry into the workforce.

We are grateful to all of the volunteers who help us provide a Path to Change for many of our neighbors.

To God be the Glory...

(Fall 2015)



Last Sunday 61 BBHH children boarded two buses to go to Camp Ozark in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. In a room packed with parents, campers, and their siblings, we gathered for final instructions and to pray for safe travel, peace of mind for mom and dad, and most important of all, that each child will return knowing the friend they have in Jesus.


Thanks to the generosity of the Camp Ozark Foundation, the week at camp is free. Thanks to Highland Park United Methodist Church Camp Outreach ministry, BBHH's cost of getting the children there and back is fully funded.


We truly are praising God for the blessings He has provided, and we are waiting expectantly to see how He will work in each camper's life over the next five days. Please keep campers, their parents, and the Camp Ozark staff in your prayers.


To God be the Glory...

(August 2015)


In two weeks BBHH will send 65 children to Camp Ozark for All. This is the 5th year our campers have gotten to be a part of this amazing week. We are grateful to Camp Ozark for providing this opportunity and to our Administrative Assistant who completed all those applications!
Please pray for safe travel, a wonderful camp experience for each child, and peace of mind for their parents.

To God be the Glory
(August 2015) 


Vacation Bible School at BBHH...

In July Watermark Community Church brought 40 middle school students to lead Vacation Bible School at BBHH. Our children got to spend three afternoons singing, laughing, listening to Bible stories, and spending time with this wonderful group of Christian young people.

We praise God for the way these students and their leadership team shared the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ with our children.

To God be the Glory
(July 2015

VitalSign6...A Study on Depression

The end of May BBHH was asked to participate in a UTSW meeting with several Austin representatives from Texas Health & Human Services. UTSW was updating them on the progress of their VitalSign6 study on depression which is being funded by THHS. Since we were the first site to implement this program, UTSW wanted to have the meeting at BBHH, and for us to share our thoughts about this important opportunity and how it affects those we serve. Partnerships like the one we have with UTSW mean expanded services and quality care for our neighbors. We praise God for all our "partners in service", and for the gifts they bring to our community.  

To God be the Glory

June 2015


SMU and BBHH...Working together to better serve our community

BBHH is grateful to Dr. Eric Bing and the SMU students who participated in his Global Health class study on ways to expand BBHH
 Community Clinic services in a cost effective manner.  The results of their study will bring new opportunities to this ministry and to those we serve.

To God be the Glory
(May 2015)


Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Grocery Store…Christ’s love demonstrated in a variety of ways


For the second year in a row, a 7-year old boy celebrated his birthday by asking his friends to bring party “gifts” for BBHH, not for him. 


These gifts came in the form of canned goods, boxes of cereal, and packages of pasta. We are so grateful for this young man, for the wonderful way he shared his birthday with us, and for the example he is to his friends.  


Another Special Gift… This month ladies in West Dallas benefitted from yet another special gift.  They came for groceries and got manicures as well.  This was a first for many of our women.  Each one left eager to show off their beautiful polished nails and thrilled to have had 30 minutes of pampering and conversation with a talented volunteer.


It's a snowy day outside, and just maybe, the perfect time for each of us to pause for a moment and consider how God can use our special gifts to help an individual or family in need. 

To God be the Glory

(February 2015)


2015 - A New Year and New Beginnings! 

Everyone at BBHH praises God for the opportunity to serve Him in 2015.  We look forward to seeing what He has in store for the ministry and to watching His hands at work in the lives of those we serve, our volunteers, and our staff.

Join us in praising His Name and in serving Him through BBHH.

To God be the Glory


A Great Evening with The Porch at Watermark…


Tonight BBHH staff joined 3500 other people at Watermark’s annual Christmas with The Porch concert.  As Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham sang, they shared the true meaning of Christmas through carols both old and new. 

Halfway through the concert, JP (Director of Young Adults at Watermark Community Church) shared the Gospel, and afterwards everyone enjoyed the food trucks, pictures with Santa, and  just being together.


BBHH thanks The Porch for selecting us as the beneficiary of this special event.  We are thrilled to be receiving a check from The Porch at Watermark, and will use the funds to purchase food for our weekly Grocery Store.

December 2014


BBHH is Giving Thanks...

During this Thanksgiving season, BBHH praises God for all those who make what we do on a daily basis possible. We thank God for those who pray for us throughout each week. We thank Him for those who give of their time and their money to help us feed the hungry, heal the sick, educate the adult, inspire the child.

We thank God for our neighbors who come to us with grateful hearts and words of encouragement. We thank God for Jesus Christ and the greatest gift of all - His gift of eternal life.
Happy Thanksgiving to each one of you. 
To God be the Glory 
(November 2014)

On Saturday over 100 dogs and cats received free vaccinations, microchips, pet food, and new leashes.

All of West Dallas is grateful for the opportunity to have a healthier community thanks to the support of a group of foundations, several animal care organizations, and the 13 faith-based ministries that make up Serve West Dallas.

Addison National Charity League...

On Saturday the Addison National Charity League had their monthly meeting at BBHH. We were blessed to have a wonderful group of mothers and daughters present to assemble kits of hygiene items they collected for us, and to help in 2nd Saturday Grocery Store.

We praise God for all the service hours NCL groups provide us throughout the year.

Smiling faces, fun games, delicious hamburgers, great-looking backpacks, lots of school supplies, and an amazing group of volunteers made going back to school an exciting time for everyone last Saturday at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand.
Over 600 neighborhood children and their parents attended this year's Back to School Cowboy Carnival. Volunteers not only cooked 800 hamburgers, they survived all the heat to tell about it!
Around 1500 bottles of water donated by a local radio station helped keep neighbors and volunteers cool, and plenty of fun in the games area kept everyone busy.  BBHH praises God for the over 300 volunteers who helped make this year's Carnival so very special.
To God be the Glory...
(August 2014)

Camp Ozark for All

Next Sunday Brother Bill's Helping Hand will send 50 children to Camp Ozark in Northwest Arkansas. Thanks to theCamp Ozark Foundation, they will spend a week experiencing the Incomparable Camp Ozark just like thousands of other children have this summer and for many summers in the past -- all for free!

This is the 4th year BBHH has been a part of this wonderful opportunity. Our children are eager to board the bus, get to camp, find their cabin, and begin a whirlwind of activities. And, the Camp Ozark leadership team cannot wait to welcome our campers and about 300 other scholarship campers for this life-changing week.

We are so grateful to Camp Ozark for once again inviting BBHH children to be a part of Camp Ozark for All. We hope you will keep our group, all the other campers, and the Ozark leadership team in your prayers from Sunday, August 10th until they return on Friday, the 15th. Pray for safety, an amazing good time as they enjoy new experiences, and most important of all, each will return knowing Jesus as their Friend and Savior.

To God be the Glory…

August 2014


GLOW - A Day of Beauty at
Watermark Community Church
Last Monday ten of our PathWays graduates went to Watermark for a day of beauty.  They left the church that afternoon simply "glowing". 

Thank you Watermark for the invitation to participate in this special program. The ladies enjoyed all the pampering and love demonstrated by your members.

July 2014

2nd Saturday...


2nd Saturday is always a busy time, and this past Saturday morning was no exception. Volunteers helped with Grocery Store, taught a Healthy Living class, provided fun activities for children coming to Kids Craft Time, distributed Birthday Party in a Bag to 73 children with upcoming birthdays, and led Super Saturday for elementary school children. We praise God each day for our volunteers and the opportunities they provide our West Dallas neighbors.


To God be the Glory


2013 Touch a Life...Tend a Soul Fall Luncheon

An amazing morning as friends of BBHH, both old and new, filled the Great Hall at Park Cities Baptist Church. After an opening prayer by Dr. Jeff Warren and a delicious meal, we were blessed by the words of Craig Schenkel.  He spoke of the 10-year experience he and his wife, Kendall, have had as weekly volunteers at BBHH.  Everyone attending felt their love for the neighbors we serve, and their commitment to this ministry.


Ruth Altshuler, a woman full of dignity and grace, and respected by all who know her, spoke after Craig.  She has changed thousands upon thousands of lives through her generosity and by encouraging others to do the same. Ruth's introduction of our keynote speaker, Trevor Rees-Jones, was personal, full of joy and laughter. She ended her introduction by reading two very special emails, each expressing appreciation to Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones for all they have done for those in need.  The first email was from Laura Bush, the second from President George Bush. 


Trevor Rees-Jones' conversation with the close to 500 people in attendance was a personal reflection of the path he and his wife, Jan, walked as they were acquiring the means to help those in need. His stories of childhood "business attempts" filled the room with laughter as he talked about how their personal interests directs their foundation's focus. Their mission is simple, use the gifts God has given them to share Christ's love while meeting needs.


Annie Mayberry, a faithful volunteer and West Dallas neighbor, ended the morning with a word of thanks to BBHH and to those who make this ministry possible.  She eloquently expressed her appreciation for all BBHH has done for her family and for so many others in West Dallas. Her closing prayer was one of praise and adoration to God for the provisions He continues to supply.


BBHH praises God for each one of these individuals, for the Women's Council Executive Board, and for all who attended and supported this special event.  It truly was an amazing morning.



Watermark Community Church members "Stuffed the Truck" for BBHH the last week in June.  We received 150 boxes filled with canned goods and boxed items for our Grocery Store. Over 50 volunteers came to unload and sort the donated items. We are so grateful for the Watermark leadership team who encouraged the members to be a part of their special month of feeding the hungry, and we are thankful for each person who made a donation. 

 To God be the Glory

(July 2014)


Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Marietta, GA

This week BBHH was blessed to host a great group of young people from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA. This was the second summer they chose to spend the week with us.

They stocked shelves, sorted canned goods, cleaned the yard, and made cards for our Soccer Camp kids. They were hard-working, caring, and eager to serve the Lord by serving our neighbors. We praise God for each one of them.

Birthday Party in a Bag

This week Texas Capital Bank employees collected 75 themed party bags for our Birthday Party in a Bag program. They, along with others, will make summer birthdays a joy for so many children in West Dallas.

To God be the Glory 
(May 2014)


BBHH Exercise Class

Thanks to two very special volunteers, BBHH now has an exercise class every Tuesday and Friday morning. Our neighborhood ladies are enjoying a time of fellowship with new friends and getting healthier at the same time.


Super Saturday

This month BBHH partnered with Mercy Street for Super Saturday. BBHH provided the children and the location, Mercy Street provided the leadership. The kids benefited from both! We are grateful to Mercy Street mentors and mentees who demonstrated their love for Jesus and their love for the children in West Dallas by spending a Saturday morning with them at BBHH. 

Neighbor Day 2014
BBHH Neighbor Day Fair was an amazing morning for neighbors and volunteers alike. Fun for all ages, great conversations going on inside and out, and plenty of delicious hamburgers. BBHH thanks those who made this day possible, and we hope all the volunteers will come back soon.

To God be the Glory 
(April 2014)

2nd Saturday at BBHH...

This morning 61 families came for groceries. Another 27 neighbors came for a Healthy Living class on accessing quality health care information on the internet. Sixteen elementary school children participated in a fun morning camp led by a group of Girl Scouts.

This afternoon 65 people were present for the PathWays graduation ceremony. Six ladies, having completed 90 hours of job training over a six-week period, are now better qualified to begin their search for a job that fits their skills and gifts.

To top off an already amazing day, following the PathWays graduation the Sunshine Masonic Lodge in Oak Cliff presented a $1000 check to BBHH and honored our Executive Director with the Texas Masonic Lodge Community Builder award. We praise God for all the volunteers and BBHH staff who made today possible - a day of service and celebration enjoyed by all.


2013 Children's Christmas Celebration

In just a few more days we will be right in the middle of what has become a 60-plus year tradition in West Dallas - the Brother Bill's Helping Hand Children's Christmas Celebration.  We have over 900 children registered to attend, and they will be accompanied by hundreds of moms and dads.  Our volunteer base is full to over-flowing, as are our gift stations.

We praise God for all those who help make this day possbile.  Businesses, churches, community groups, schools, country clubs, families, and individuals -- all coming together to donate and wrap gifts, decorate and set up the party space, provide and deliver needed supplies, and be here to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our friends and neighbors in West Dallas.

To God be the Glory 
(December 2013)

Dallas Weather...

Weather-wise, the first week in December was a hard week for many in West Dallas, as well as for families all across our city. We praise God for His continued faithfulness as power was returned to homes, food was donated to BBHH, Christmas gifts for our annual Children's Christmas Celebration were dropped off, and donated coats and blankets gave warmth to individuals and families.

God has blessed us this year in so many ways, and we know He will continue to do so over the days and weeks ahead.


Family Talk / Diaper Day...

Last Friday was the first of a series of three classes for mothers of children under the age of two.  Each Friday morning the mothers attend a 1 hour parenting class. Last week a pediatrician talked about ensuring the safety of their child.

This week mothers will hear about Parkland's Healthy Start program.  Healthy Start provides a social worker for mothers of children under the age of two.  The social worker makes monthly visits to the homes of registered mothers until the child turns two years old.

The last week a representative from Readers to Leaders will talk to the group about the importance of reading to their children. Upon completion of the program mothers will receive a month's supply of diapers for each child under the age of two.

We praise God for the information and opportunities our volunteer speakers give the 45 mothers attending Family Talk / Diaper Day.  And, we praise God for the funds to purchase that many diapers -- a month's supply of diapers for the 55 registered babies! 
variety of programs meeting an even greater variety of needs 

That's what the 2nd Saturday morning in September at BBHH was all about...

Beside 75 families coming to Grocery Store, we had 100 children with upcoming birthdays there to select their own Birthday Party in a Bag. Another group of 27 children came to our first Fall Super Saturday led by Dallas Baptist Univeristy students.

UT Southwestern Library staff taught 16 adults how to access health information on the Internet, while another 11 adults came to our Community Clinic.

None of this could have happened without the help of a host of volunteers.  We praise God for the opportunities He continues to provide through his faithful servants.

September 2013


Camp Ozark for All

Last week Camp Ozark, located in northwest Arkansas, hosted over 400 scholarship campers.  BBHH sent 41 children to be a part of this unique opportunity. They returned home full of stories about new experiences and eager to go again next year.

Each year BBHH asks campers and parents to write a brief thank you note to the Camp Ozark staff.  Again and again our campers thanked Camp Ozark for sharing Jesus with them.  We praise God for the opportunity our 41 BBHH young people had to enjoy a host of fun activities, make lots of new friends, and learn more about Jesus from such a caring camp staff. 

Back to School Cowboy Carnival

August means Back to School Cowboy Carnival at BBHH. Park Cities Baptist Church is providing 300 boxes of school supplies. NVIDIA bought backpacks for all the children. Half Price Books donated more than enough books for everyone.

Arby's Hungry for Happiness
 mobile tour arrives early to set up the games and get ready to serve lunch to the kids. As a part of Arby's commitment to help end childhood hunger in America, their tour truck is stopping at designated locations all across the United States. BBHH and the children in West Dallas are blessed to be chosen as the Dallas site.

Watermark Community Church 
"Stuff the Truck"... What a Blessing!

Every year Watermark's Stuff the Truck is always a blessing to BBHH, but June 24th was the biggest and best ever! An enormous truck pulled into our parking lot Monday morning filled to the brim with somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 pounds of food donated to our Grocery Store by their membership the previous Sunday.

Volunteers of all ages started pouring into our building to unload and sort the 143 boxes of food. What a blessing this gift already is to neighbors who came to Grocery Store on the following Wednesday and Thursday, and what a blessing it will continue to be for the weeks ahead to both the families in our community and to BBHH.

We praise God for churches like Watermark and for volunteers willing to serve the Lord by serving others.



The first part of June we were blessed to have volunteering at BBHH about 60 of a mission team of 100 middle school students from 
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia.  Each day a different group of students arrived ready to do whatever was necessary to make serving our West Dallas neighbors easier.  Accompanied by a great leadership team, they spread out to ministries all across Dallas.

We praise God for these and so many more young people, families, single adults, and couples who will be spending time volunteering this summer at BBHH.

To God be the Glory
(June 2013)
National Day of Prayer

For the past 12 years staff, neighbors, and volunteers at Brother Bill's Helping Hand have celebrated the National Day of Prayer along with thousands of others across our nation. 

Each May we gather outside to pledge allegiance to the flag, sing 
God Bless America, and pray for our national and state leaders, those in the military, our city and community churches, and BBHH families.

We come together to ask God's guidance and protection.  We gather to pray outside to stand as a witness to all those who drive past our building.  We praise God for all the many blessings He gives each one of us.

PathWays Graduation


We praise God for PathWays graduates and the PathWays support system... Ten ladies at the end of January made a commitment to participate in our PathWays job training class. Six weeks later after 90 hours of training 8 of the 10 will graduate.

Twenty people shared with the group on topics such as budgeting your time and money, women's health issues and discovering your gifts, interviewing skills and resuming writing, office etiquette and computer training, wills and power of attorney, proper clothing and make-up, Bible study and prayer. The group read Sister Circle and heard a book review on it the last week of class. Over the six weeks a dozen or more men and women brought lunch to the group, many staying to visit with the women.

On Wednesdays the ladies visited Haynes and Boone law office, CNC Home Care, Bank of America Park Cities, Park Cities Baptist Church Child Care division, El Centro College-West Dallas Campus, Maintenance Inc., Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, Vertex Financial, and Baylor Health Care System. They heard from three Hilton Anatole employees and attended an all-day seminar at Attitudes and Attire. 

This is our 19th graduating class. Over 65% of our graduates are now working or attending school. We praise God for all those involved with PathWays and ask you to continue to pray for the graduates of this class and those who completed the class in previous years.

February 2013
Children - the hope for the future. This past week was a time filled with children of all ages at BBHH. Each Wednesday afternoon 6 to 8 Highland Park High School students come to BBHH to tutor a small group of elementary school students.  They work one-on-one reading to students, explaining math problems, teaching them how to sound out new words. Together they laugh and learn. 
Mothers attending Family Talk / Diaper Day brought 65 children with them on Friday. The two to four year olds went to the Kids Room to hear stories, color, and work with PlayDoh. The smallest in the group joined their mothers at the seminar. All enjoyed their time at BBHH.
Saturday morning not only was 2nd Saturday Grocery Store, but also Birthday Party in a Bag.  Children with birthdays sometime over the next two months came to BBHH to select their favorite birthday party bag.  Donors supplied us with 65 bags so each child had a good number from which to make their selection. Children coming with their parents for groceries got to enjoy Kids Craft Time while their mothers shopped.  Happy faces was the norm as each child left the building.
We praise God for the opportunity we have to reach out to the next generation, to open doors to expanded learning, and to share Jesus' love in the process.

January 2013
2012-- What a year at BBHH!  
Neighbors participated in or benefited from programs offered at BBHH over 90,000 times in 2012.  Households came to Grocery Store 12,211 times equating to not just single meals, but multiply meals for 40,583 people.
The Community Clinic provided new glasses to 175 people, and patients came for lab work and to Adult, Women's, Dental, and Eye Clinic over 3000 times.  Two hundred flu shots were given and 39 ladies got free mammograms when Parkland's mobile unit came to BBHH. Diabetes supplies were distributed and health education programs offered.
We are excited about 2013 and the opportunities it will bring.  With our full-time nurse practitioner and a growing number of volunteer doctors we can provide quality health care to even more of our neighbors. Because of a partnership with University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing we plan to start weekly classes on living with diabetes, hypertension, and healthy eating along with our existing financial management and parenting programs.
We will be expanding our relationship with Methodist Hospital and have partnered with Baylor Health Care System on management services for our clinic.  Parkland's Healthy Start program for new mothers has already registered 14 mothers in its first month at BBHH, a number that will grow during this new year.

We praise God for our staff and for the way He continues to bring so many willing and qualified volunteers to our door.  Their gifts make all we do possible. 

January 2013


A New Year means
New Opportunities!

Happy New Year
from Brother Bill's Helping Hand.

Today is the start of a new opportunity for each of us to reach out to others, share the gifts God has given us, and help change not just someone else's life, but our life as well.

I love new years, new weeks, new days.  I also love new calendars, new notepads, new pens.  Basically, like so many others, I love the idea of starting over.

Starting over is one of the things Brother Bill's Helping Hand offers to those we serve. For our neighbors, job training, learning English, attending healthy living classes can provide new opportunities - a new life.

For volunteers, time spent doing the simplest thing at Brother Bill's Helping Hand means making a new life possible for an individual or family living in West Dallas.  It can also mean a change in perspective for one's own life.

Pray for this ministry as we begin this new year. Volunteer if you can, and if not at Brother Bill's Helping Hand, then find somewhere else to reach out and serve others.

Happy New Year

December 2012


Brother Bill's Helping Hand sends a special word of thanks to each one who served at our annual Children's Christmas Celebration on Monday, December 24th.  There were 905 children and 494 parents present Monday morning, and, as always, organized chaos is the best way to describe the gathering.
We distributed over 4000 gifts thanks to more than 765 volunteers.  We appreciate the presence and patience of each volunteer as the crowd moved through the telling of the Christmas story, receiving of gifts, pictures with Santa, stockings for every child, and a morning topped off with cookies and milk.
Because of the generosity of so many, each neighborhood family received a turkey,Felix Navidad - a children's book by Janet Denison, and a $20 gift certificate to a local grocery store.  You made this Christmas one the children and their parents will never forget.
To God be the Glory!
11/23/2012 Dallas Morning News NeighborGo Section (page 15)...


Brother Bill's Helping Hand has served West Dallas' underprivileged population for nearly 70 years. Starting in an old church building in the Eagle Ford area, its outreach quickly outgrew the cramped space and moved into a 13,000 square-foot facility on Westmoreland Road in April.

It includes a grocery store, a me
dical clinic with vision care, kids' activity rooms, a computer lab, client interview areas and office space. All of its 4,000 or so clients are at or under the poverty level, and most visit the facility for groceries.

"You know how I know God is real?" a neighbor recently said. "This building. Just look at it."

PathWays Graduation
October 2012

Saturday morning the leadership team of PathWays and BBHH, family members, and friends celebrated the accomplishments of six dedicated young women. These ladies spent the last 6 weeks giving 90 hours of their time to learning more about themselves, improving their job skills, visiting various businesses, studying the Bible, and coming together as a "Sister Circle" in Christ.

Twice a year PathWays, a job training program begun at BBHH in 2004, seeks out a small number of women in West Dallas who are committed to bringing change into their lives.  With the help of over 50 volunteers this program opens the mind to new skills, opens the door to new job opportunities, and opens the heart to the realization they are a child of the King.

We praise God for the many who make this program possible and to Christ for His continuing guidance and love.

Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths...

Psalm 25:4

BBHH Grocery Store:
October 2012
Our biggest 2 days ever -- 306 families in 4 hours! BBHH provided over 35 pounds of canned goods, eggs, hygiene items, and a choice of fresh oranges, plums, cabbage, and onions to each of these families. That's close to 11,000 pounds of food...  It also means 1026 family members are eating food given to them during Wednesday and Thursday morning Grocery Store this week. Six  

months ago we distributed 140 appointments per day and 125 families in 2 hours was a big day. Today we are distributing 180 appointments per day and seeing 150 families in 2 hours.
Free Mammograms:
Parkland's mobile mammogram vehicle arrives at BBHH this Saturday at 7am. Talk about what could be life-changing--50 women have registered to have a mammogram. 
What does all this mean?
God answers prayers. We prayed our new home would provide the opportunity to reach more of our West Dallas neighbors and those prayers are being answered. 
How can you help?

Women's Council Touch a Life...Tend a Soul Luncheon
October 2012

The Women's Council luncheon on Oct. 5th was amazing.  There were 500 people there to laugh with Kay Wills Wyma (author of Cleaning House) as she talked about teaching her children to understand the concept of service, and to be touched by Dr. Jim Denison's discussion of the biblical reason for reaching out to those in need (Denison Forum on Truth and Culture).  Our goal was to introduce BBHH to those unfamiliar with the ministry and to inspire guests to get involved. We are grateful to the Women's Council executive board for making the event so special and we appreciate each one who took the time to attend.


2nd Saturday Grocery Store
October 2012

We know all across West Dallas families are struggling to meet daily needs.  In many homes the husband and wife are both working 60+ hours a week and still not be able to make ends meet.  2nd Saturday Grocery Store was designed to provide food for families who are unable to attend our regular weekday Grocery Store because of work.  Saturday was the first day for this important program.  Fifteen of the sixteen registered families attended.


The volunteer base for this program is Dallas Baptist University students, faculty, and administration.  We were blessed to have the DBU basketball team here to lead the program on opening day.  We praise God for the opportunity to provide healthy food for this special group of neighbors. 

Back to School COWBOY Carnival
August 2012

So many people help BBHH each week.  And even more when there is a special event like our annual Back to School COWBOY Carnival. On Saturday 187 volunteers brought joy to the lives of West Dallas elementary school children and their parents.


Volunteers of all ages weathered the heat and humidity to host the game area.  The Dallas Baptist University basketball team manned the parking lots. A team of "chefs" cooked over 700 hot dogs in our parking lot. Others fed the masses, distributed hundreds of books donated by Half Price Books, helped students select the perfect backpack donated by the Dallas office of DVIDIA and a local National Charity League, and handed out 300 boxes of school supplies donated by Park Cities Baptist Church. 


Volunteers checked in families, picked up trash, and in the end, put everything away and cleaned the building. Even more volunteers helped prepare for this special day during the weeks prior to the event. What a blessing each of these individuals were to BBHH and to our neighbors.  


A Soldier's Sacrifice...Our Call to Serve

September 2011

September 23, 2011, was a special morning for all in attendance at the 4th annual BBHH Women's Council Touch a Life...Tend a Soul luncheon. The Ida Dunn Ladies Bible Study group opened the program by singing One Day at a Time and When the Saints Go Marching In.

Following a wonderful introduction by Kyle Kaigler, Donovan Campbell, a former Marine and author of the New York Times bestseller, Joker One, spoke from his heart of valor, commitment, and love of country. As he shared his story and the stories of his men in Iraq, his words became a wake-up call for all of us.

His challenge to those in attendance was simple compared to the challenges our soldiers face each day - risking, and many sacrificing, their lives for our country. Our duty is to make America worthy of their sacrifice. Be a better parent, spouse, and friend. Give of your time to serve others. Commit to making this country a better place.

In his book Donovan Campbell expressed it this way - "I soon found myself casting about for a pursuit that would force me to assume responsibility for something greater than myself, something that would force me to give back, to serve others."

For him it was the Marines. For the rest of us, as he writes, our calling is "one day at a time I shoulder my load and do my small part to fight to keep our country great. I owe it to everyone who never came home to do my best every day...Always."

Joker One, A Marine's Platoon's Story of Courage, Leadership, and Brotherhood
By Donovan Campbell
ISBN: 978-0-8129-7956-5

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2017: A Summer of Joy

Camps and activities at BBHH have already kicked off a Summer of Joy. Volunteers are leading sports camps of every variety, art and dance camps, family exercise classes, summer reading club, and Vacation Bible School are just a few of the activities happening here this summer.

BBHH praises God for the volunteers and donors who will help make this A Summer of Joy for children all across West Dallas.

To God be the Glory,
Great Things He Hath Done
Summer 2017