Bill Sims


Bill Sims is partner and CEO at William H. Sims, CPA, and a member of the Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Board of Trustees. Throughout his career, Bill has helped nonprofit organizations maximize their assets and expand their efforts. He enjoys helping them fulfill the mission for which they have been established, and he is especially passionate about doing this for Brother Bill’s Helping Hand. Having worked with many nonprofits over the years, Bill knows Brother Bill’s is unique in the way they come alongside neighbors to support and show compassion to them.  

A graduate of Baylor University, and a member of several boards of directors, Bill has more than 35 years’ experience providing accounting, tax, and business consultation to clients in a variety of industry groups. He is a recognized expert in the nonprofit sector, with a heart for service. Bill is thrilled to be serving on the Brother Bill’s board and to have the opportunity to leverage his resources to further support the community and spread the love of Christ.