Gail Capps


Gail Capps serves Brother Bill’s Helping Hand in multiple ways, as the president of the Women’s Council and as a member of the Board of Trustees. For Gail, Brother Bill’s has always been more than a place to volunteer; it is a second home. Growing up, Gail’s father was extremely involved at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand and could not deny the passion he had for the ministry. From a young age, Gail saw this and knew she wanted to be a part of it. In her two positions at Brother Bill’s Gail has the opportunity to support the ministry by coordinating groups and resources to encourage event attendance, spur on fundraising and empower people to volunteer. 

Gail attended Bethany Nazarene College and has a background in financial planning, making her passionate about helping neighbors not just change their lives socially, but economically as well. She loves to watch lives be transformed as people experience compassion and feel the love of Jesus. Gail is thrilled to be a part of both the Board and the Women’s Council, and she is always encouraging others to get involved with the ministry.