Janie Pena


Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Janie Pena has lived in Dallas for nearly 40 years. Janie serves as a member of the Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Board of Trustees, and strongly believes that the ministry’s efforts should continue to be shared across communities. Janie is a highly experienced professional with multiple areas of expertise including education, transportation, and government relations. Some of her past experience includes working for Dallas ISD, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the Hockaday School, the Office of the Attorney General in Austin and Southern Methodist University. Having worked in both the public and private sector, she learned that public work was in her heart because it gave her an opportunity to "pass it forward.” 

Having served on numerous other community boards, Janie holds Brother Bill’s Helping Hand close to heart because of the way it led one of her good friends to Christ many years ago. Serving on Brother Bill’s board is an opportunity to work in a community she understands and can identify with. In her position on the board, Janie hopes she can contribute towards the growth of Brother Bill’s over multiple other cities in the Dallas area, so that more people can be helped, and the Gospel can be spread even further.