Lisa Thiebaud


Lisa Thiebaud is a member of the Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Board of Trustees, a Dallas native with a background in finance and private banking, and a mom of three. Lisa began volunteering with Brother Bill’s Helping Hand as a child when she would go with her mother and some other ladies from their church to help at the Brother Bill’s Vacation Bible School in the summers. After graduating from Baylor University with a degree in finance, Lisa worked in private banking for years before having children and returning to work part-time. This period of part-time work allowed Lisa to begin volunteering with Brother Bill’s again, getting her entire family excited about its mission and involved in its ministry. 

In recent years, Lisa has served Brother Bill’s in several capacities, from serving on the Women’s Council Board, to becoming its president, to now serving on the Board of Trustees. Heading into her fourth year, Lisa is still passionate about serving on the Board because of the precious relationships she has formed with neighbors, especially women in the PathWays program. Lisa loves watching transformation take place in the lives of people involved in Brother Bill’s, walking out feeling encouraged, empowered and self-confident. Lisa, her husband, and their three grown children are excited to be a part of Brother Bill’s and watch it continue to grow over the coming years.