Priscilla Lopez

medical assistant


Priscilla Lopez is a medical assistant at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, assisting in patient care and working side-by-side with doctors and volunteer doctors to provide the optimum care for patients. One of Priscilla’s favorite parts of her job is being able to provide healthcare to patients that would otherwise be lacking adequate help. Having the opportunity to see people from all walks of life, Priscilla firmly believes that her patients help her and teach her more than she teaches them.  

Born in Oak Cliff, Priscilla later went to tech school to receive her Medical Assistant Certification. In 2011, Priscilla started volunteering with Brother Bill’s to keep up with her medical skills, and in April of that year she was brought onto the team. She loves working in the Brother Bill’s clinic because she is surrounded by hard-working, passionate neighbors who inspire her every day. Currently, Priscilla is living in Oak Cliff with her roommate and coworker and attending nursing school to one day become a nurse.