The Lives We Touch

This family of seven has been blessed by their involvement with this ministry. The parents are new believers who have been radically changed by the Lord. The mother now hosts bi-weekly prayer nights for neighbors at her home. She attends Brother Bill’s Helping Hand English classes and is a neighbor representative on the Brother Bill’s Helping Hand Community Council. Their five sons regularly attend Brother Bill’s Helping Hand events, sports programs, and the annual Children’s Christmas Celebration.

As the mother explains, “Brother Bill’s Helping Hand has been a great blessing to our family. It is hard because we have a big family and food is expensive, but they always provide what we need. My husband and I don’t have medical insurance, but we receive excellent care at the Community Clinic.

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Four of our sons got to go to Camp Ozark last summer with forty-five other Brother Bill’s Helping Hand campers, and they loved it! They have been waiting all year to go back. It was their first time to go to camp, and we would never have been able to afford it without Brother Bill’s help.  I can’t even put into words how much the staff and volunteers at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand mean to us. It is more than a place to receive things, they really are like family to this community, and a blessing from God.”

Whitney McAnallen